Friday, December 12, 2008

The new Book Doctor is in the house!

Lyn Armstrong is one of the best editors I have ever worked with and she is now using her expertise to help other writers with their manuscripts. If you know of anyone who could use the services of one of the best in the business, send them to her Myspace site at: She is truly amazing. M:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Review on Amazon - 5 Stars - Squee!!!

"A great story to curl up with and get lost in, November 19, 2008
By Leisa Zegers (Oregon City, Oregon)

I don't read much fantasy but love Sci-Fi. Vacationing in Bandon Oregon this summer, I stopped into a small bookstore to look around and Minette was there signing her books. After talking with her and looking at the books she had with her, I purchased Starsight. I started it while in Bandon but put it in a bag of books and crafts I brought with me. Several months went by and digging through the bag I found the book. Remembering our conversation I put down another book I was reading and started carrying this one to work with me. Fifteen (15) minutes into re-starting the book I couldn't stop. I read it every moment I had until it was finished. I then loaned the book to a girl I work with that saw me reading it and told me she loved fantasy books. Now she too is hooked. Minette really knows how to develop character. There are quite a few but not to many to keep track of and enough that it is easy to find one or two you really love and find yourself rooting for. Her world is easy to get into and hard to leave. I can't wait to read the second one and plan on picking it up this weekend. I am so glad I wandered into that bookstore. If I hadn't I would never have picked that book to buy as I usually stay away from fantasy. Thanks Minette for being there, thank you for a wonderful book and thank you for broadening my horizons. Now I won't automatically bypass the fantasy sections and I might even pick up one of your other books just to see if you are as good on that playing field as you are in fantasy. Hope to see you again (at least I know we will meet in the pages of your books). One of your newest fans, Leisa Zegers. "
I love it when I get one like's why I write. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CATA is having a wonderful holiday contest that I am participating in this month. It's a great chance to win tons of prizes and free books. Here's the info. Hope to see you there! Minnette :)

Happy Holidays to you! I'm taking part in an awesome giveaway this month. Thirty two (yes, you read that right - 32!) authors have come together to offer an incredible variety of prizes. But more about that in a minute.Now is a great time remind everyone that books make a wonderful holiday gift. In a bookstore you'll find something for everyone, from teenagers to grandmothers, doctors to the girl next door. Paperbacks make a great stocking stuffer. So keep that in mind this holiday season.Now, back to the giveaway! Visit this page to learn more about the participating authors, the prizes and enter. Good luck!---32 authors + dozens of prizes = One Very Happy Holidays Contest


Prizes List:
Amanda McIntyre Personalized, autographed copy of Debut erotic historical, DAIRY OF COZETTE(Harlequin Spice Oct. '08)
Bess McBride Download from my backlist!
Caitlyn Hunter Willow Tree "Thank You" Angel figurine and a copy of my December ebook release, "Unwilling Angel"
Cheryl St.John Four autographed copies of my December book HER MONTANA MAN
Cindy K. Green a pdf copy of The Spirit of Christmasa pdf copy of Winter Wondersto one lucky winner
CJ England A free download of The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of FirePLUSA free Download of Cowboy Up (my December 26th release)PLUS (if in the USA--can't be shipped overseas)A package of Ghirardelli Chocolates to sweeten the deal
Cricket Sawyer A Download copy of Lavender Lust
Elaine Charton PDF download of EZ Lovin'
Eliza Gayle eBook copy of Her Surrender & Vampire Oracle: Awaken
Kari Thomas Winner's choice of COPY of:TEMPTATION UNLEASHEDorHUNTED MATE
L.M. Gonzalez print copy of TOO LATE FOR ROMANCE?Bookmarks
Leigh Ellwood A signed copy of More, More, More, a print anthology of sensual romance featuring a story by Leigh Ellwood.
Leila Brown A copy of Stolen: Stealing the Show
Lesley-Anne McLeod A CD of Regency romance "Carolina's Walking Tour" along with a fan (a necessity for Regency ladies) and a booklet of Regency facts and fiction.
Linda Conrad autographed copy of THE SHERIFF'S AMNESIAC BRIDE and a taste of Godiva chocolates
Livia Dare Tote bag and T-shirt from Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend.
Madison Chase A copy of Power of Seduction.
Mandy M Roth $10.00 Amazon Gift Card
Marilyn Lee $10.00 paypal payment.
Meg Allison A $10 gift card from Barnes&
Michelle M. Pillow An autographed print copy of my Nov 2008 release from Random House/Virgin Books, Degrees of Passion.
Minnette Meador (2) eBook copies of The Centurion & The Queen(2) eBook copies of The Ege of Honor(1) Autographed copy of The Edge of Honor (mid-December release date)(1) Autographed copy of The Centurion & The Queen
Nell Dixon Signed print copy of Blue Remebered Heels
Nicola Marsh Signed copy of each of my recent releases:'Hot Nights with a Playboy' (Harlequin Modern Heat)'The Desert Prince's Proposal' (Harlequin Romance)
Rae Lori A goodie basket consisting of : Scented CandlesBefore Dawn Breaks Book (Printed Review copy)BookmarksBDB Mug & Gourmet Hot Cocoa
S.J. Day Advance Reading Copy of EVE OF DARKNESS (04.28.09) and two MARKED series coffee mugs.
Selena Blake A copy of Stolen: The Wine Tasting
Shelley Munro a download of Fringe Benefits by Shelley Munro
susan meier Mills and Boon Hardcover copies of Daycare Dads series. Baby on Board, The Tycoons Double Trouble and the Nanny Solution.
Susanne Saville Trade Paperback of The Secret Hunter
Sylvia Day Autographed collection of the Georgian series -- ASK FOR IT, PASSION FOR THE GAME, A PASSION FOR HIM, DON'T TEMPT ME.
Tawny Weber An autographed copy of Risque Business. Participating Authors:Amanda McIntyreBess McBrideCaitlyn HunterCheryl St.JohnCindy K. GreenCJ EnglandCricket SawyerElaine ChartonEliza GayleKari ThomasL.M. GonzalezLeigh EllwoodLeila BrownLesley-Anne McLeodLinda ConradLivia DareMadison ChaseMandy M RothMarilyn LeeMeg AllisonMichelle M. PillowMinnette MeadorNell DixonNicola MarshRae LoriS.J. DaySelena BlakeShelley Munrosusan meierSusanne SavilleSylvia DayTawny Weber


Friday, November 21, 2008

The Goddess Book of Psalms

The Goddess Book of Psalms, Patricia Della-Piana

In The Goddess Book of Psalms, the reader will find over 200 chapters of praise, petitions and incantations, which can be read as part of daily personal devotions, for guidance or inspiration, and in meditation.
This is a beautifully written and deeply inspirational book.I can assure you that it will enrich your devotion and love for the Goddess manifold. A true treasure!
Buy The Goddess Book of Psalms
Visit Patricia's Blog

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Silent Scream

Order Silent Scream from The Book Attic and Receive A Signed Copy!

In 1972 Martin County Deputy Gerard Schaefer was arrested for the aggravated assault of two young women by the name of Nancy Trotter and Pamela Wells.

They were the lucky ones. They got away.

April 1,1973 the bodies of two more young women named . Georgia Jessup and Susan Place were found on South Hutchinson Island.They had been there for several months.

The police investigation which ensued led the authorities back to Gerard Schaefer who was by this time serving six months for aggravated assault on Nancy Trotter and Susan Wells.

The firestorm and the evidence uncovered in the investigation led authorities to believe that Ex-Martin County Deputy Sheriff Gerard Schaefer had killed more than just these four young women. Evidence gathered during a search at his mother's home revealed at least nine and as many as possibly thirty four over a span of six years beginning in 1966 and continuing until 1972.
Until this crime Florida had never experienced anything like what is now known as serial killings.Gerard Schaefer was considered the first perpetrator of this type of crime.

Ms. Mason's Silent Scream gives the victims a voice - a voice which has been silent for over 30 years.Some of the young women were never found, some cases were never closed and there were never any bodies to bury.Gerard Schaefer took their voice away when he bound, gagged, hung , tortured, and buried their bodies in remote areas.He killed in pairs so one could watch while the other was destroyed.This is their story, this is their voice and with this voice comes the peace they have never had.

Ms. Mason, reminds us that at any time and any place we can become a victim.Buy Silent Scream

Visit Yvonne Mason's Website

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chatting with Pen & Muse - Tonight @ 5pm PST

I have been invited to chat with the Pen and Muse people tonight at 5pm PST to discuss publishing, writing, books, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and anything else that fancies the group. If you'd like to drop in, just go to and sign in. You need to have a Yahoo account to join the chat, but you can always delete it after the chat's through. I'll send out another notice just before we get started, too.
Hope to see you there! Minnette :)

Minnette Meador
2008 Releases:
A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers
Starsight, Vol. I & II
The Centurion & The Queen
The Edge of Honor

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another New Book...

GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One, Michele Avanti

NCPA Best Juvenile Fiction COVR Visionary Fiction Finalist
GreeHee has never flown beyond his mountain. He's never seen a fairy or a wizard before, and never known a giant. All GreeHee knows is a lonely life living with his cruel father who calls him a sniveling runt, and who often abandons him for months at a time. He never knew his mother and has never had a friend. He spends his days practicing the dragon-art, hoping someday to make his father proud.

But all that is about to change when a little fairy stumbles into his world activating an ancient prophecy and he begins a journey unlike anything he could have imagined.Now he will not only make friends and experience astonishing magic at every turn, but a glorious destiny awaits him...if GreeHee can survive the traps and withstand the evil.

Author's Note
"I wrote this book to give you a place to visit and escape from the pressures of daily life. In Tamoor you can reawaken wonder, refresh your energy, and realize that a divine hand weaves all your imperfections into a magnificent tapestry.Each of us needs to learn the lesson that GreeHee learns here - to love yourself and in so doing - to follow your heart."

Visit Michele Avanti's Website
Buy GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here's a wonderful book I found on Authors Promoting Authors.

Truly a vacation spot that takes you to depths that are unexpected.

The more you read, the deeper it gets, while remaining light hearted and fun.

This book leaves you with a feeling of yearning for more.

As you travel throughout the land with John and his mother, Ellie, you are on a journey into more unusual places than you could possibly imagine. Mr. Allen has found a way to depict self-exploration, our journey through life, the mystery of the afterlife, intense philisophical lessons and the wonders of youth with amazing imagery.

Find yourself in a world where you do not forget the pleasures of your childhood - a place where you can embrace them and make them part of your soul.

To Purchase GoneAway Into The Land and to learn more about Jeffery B. Allen visit:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Starsight, Volume II - Now Available

Just wanted to let everyone know that STARSIGHT, VOLUME II, is now available from Amazon. The official release is November 15th, but you can order copies now. This is the second in the Starsight Series. I will be having a release party on November 15th, but will post more about that later...we will have prizes, free books, contests, and lots of fun. Here are blurbs about both books:

STARSIGHT, VOLUME I - BOOKS I & II - Trenara never thought she would have to guide a student she loved to become a messiah, but it is the only way this second trial Starguider can salvage her world. Torn between her devotion to Joshan and the fate of her kind, Trenara struggles against accusations of murder, the onset of war, and the loss of her faith in gods who have turned their backs on her. The only people she can trust to help them are two war-ravaged heroes; the boy's life-long trainer and an old sea captain everyone thought was a ghost. Their only weapon, a ten-year-old boy who wakes one morning to find his childhood gone and his hands filled with a power he couldn't possibly understand--or control. Together they must destroy a psychotic enemy and a religious order that has been running the Imperium for a thousand years; a system they have all taken vows to protect.

STARSIGHT VOL. II - BOOKS III & IV - War ravishes the Imperium, held together by the valor of ancient warriors and the devotion of the empire's elite. Trenara no longer trusts the power that has turned the boy she once loved into a man she no longer understands. He frightens her. Joshan's ascendancy grows every day as he leads them to Sirdar's domain. The monster has prepared a welcome that none of them expects and Joshan knows he is endangering them all. Sacrifices are made; bonds are broken. The line between good and evil are blurred in the blood of the innocent. Will Joshan use the power to rescue his world or will a new tyrant sit upon Sirdar's throne?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm giving away four autographed books at Bitten by Books Haunted Bloggy Carnical Spooktakular event going on this and next week. Here's the announcement. Follow the link above to see all the great prizes. Make sure to join the fun! Minnette

Welcome to the Bitten by Books Haunted Bloggy Carnival Spooktacular event! The carnival starts at 8:00 am Central time October 27th ALL WEEK and ends on November 2nd at 11:59 pm Pacific time. Comments will be enabled at that time so you won’t be able to post until then.
The winners will be contacted and announced sometime the week of the 3rd. You will have to give us some time to sort through all of the hundreds of entries. Thanks for your patience on this.

Hang on to your seats and keyboards because we have a line up of prize contributions like we have never seen before. Right now we have over $3700.00 in prizes up for grabs!! AND another $2330.00 in prizes at our sister site Weird Stuff In My Desk! Check those prizes out here: If we don’t have enough prizes for your blood, remember to visit all of the other participating blogs at the main Bloggy Carnival page here.
Keep checking back here, because the list will GROW eerily larger as more companies join in on the Haunted Blog Carnival fun! If you would like to contribute a prize and promote your books or business, please email us through our CONTACT FORM.

Now I bet you are wondering just how you can win some of this spectacular loot! There are a TON of ways to win. Do to different states laws you MUST be 18 to enter. You do NOT have to have a blog to participate.

OH!! and if you like FREE STUFF, be sure to stop by our Freeibies Page!

Readers, here’s how to enter the contest. You can do ONE OR ALL of these things, and each one will give an additional entry and thus MORE chances to win. Check next to each contributors page to see if there are MORE ways you can get chances win.

1. Join the NEW Bitten By Books Community and start a page to talk about all things paranormal fiction! Meet authors, join in on upcoming contests an more! You can have your own blog where you can post about THIS contest (and that gets you an entry). You can start groups and chat in our forums as well as participate in live chat. Best of all it is FREE. Paranormal authors come and start fan page for yourself! Here’s the link! Sign up and join in the fun! get 10 additional entries for joining our community!

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And last but certainly not least A BIG thank you to our fabulous contributors!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are excited to announce a free seminar on writing historical romance over at Coffeetime Romance the week of October 12-18. Please come join us for a fun week full of tricks (and tips), some great ideas, and even a little sex through history. Just click on the link below and join us. Lots of prizes, polls, and fun. See you next week! Lyn Armstrong, Delilah Marvelle and Minnette Meador

Mistresses, Queens and WitchesWriting Historical Romance
Free Seminar
A week with three historical romance writers; Lyn Armstrong (The Last Celtic Witch, The Celtic Witch & The Sorcerer, Heart of a Warlock), Delilah Marvelle (Mistress of Pleasure), and Minnette Meador (The Centurion & The Queen, The Edge of Honor), plus other writers who will share their experience. Everything you wanted to know about historicals, but were afraid to ask.
- How to make research fun & fast - Creating Worlds, Both Historical & Fantasy: Are horses faster than unicorns? - Tips and Tricks on Writing Historical Romance - Making history come alive on the page: How to make your reader’s heart race!- Historical Hunks & Kick-Ass Heroines: Characterization in Historicals - Sex Through the Centuries: Making ancient love sizzle - Plus much, much more

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I’m excited to announce my newest novel, The Edge of Honor, has been released in eBook format through Resplendence Publishing. In fact, I’m so excited, I’m giving away three free eBook copies of The Centurion & The Queen and The Edge of Honor as a set to celebrate the release! All you have to do is send an email to and I’ll put you in a drawing that will take place this Sunday, September 28th. Here’s the release info and a link to read some excerpts…good luck! Minnette

A new historical romance
By Minnette Meador

The Boudicca revolt has been squelched, the tribes of the Iceni and the Trinovantes have been exterminated by the Roman Governor of Britannia, Suetonius. He has sworn his revenge on the remaining tribes for the Celtic insolence. Marius and Delia are now King and Queen of a broken Celtic tribe, and Marius has to use all his skill and cunning to help his hunted people as they flee before General Suetonius' sword. Reluctantly donning the mask of the liberatio mysticus, the “phantom” that hides the scattered tribes, the couple recruits Marius' ex-Roman century and what few Celtic warriors that remain to face the deadly Roman machine. They struggle to keep their people together and prevent the rest of a nation from fading into history. But they are threatened by secret plots, jealousy, and a new enemy that hammers a wedge between them, a wedge that even an unborn child may not be able to dislodge when Marius falls under the charms of Delia's sworn enemy. Sacrifices will have to be made to save their people, to keep the nation together, to survive the Roman rage. In the end, it may be more than their love or their lives they lose.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Starsight Vol. II - New Cover

In the midst of packing, sorting, cleaning, and painting, I received this incredible book cover from artist Derrick Freeland. Isn't it goreous? Anyway, had to take a break from moving and share it with the world. Starsight Vol. II comes out officially November 8th, so stay tuned! Minnette :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend

Been up to my ears in paint brushes and cleaning solutions, so just a quick post. I'll be buried in house stuff for the next couple of weeks and then final edits on Starsight. We will be headed to our new home hopefully soon, but have to say goodbye to a place we have learned to love.

Matt and I have been in this house for thirteen years. That may not seem very long to some, but to us, it's the longest we've ever lived in one place. Rolling stones try to peel off the moss when they stop, and we have been rolling for years. When we finally decided about 10 days ago to sell the place and move onto a new adventure, we had trepidations, excitement, and stressful decisions to make. Having a bad guy outside my window actually sealed the deal, but the reality of it is finally sinking in. We've spent 13 of our 15 years together in this house, raised our kids, saw Matt's mother through blindness and then cancer, wrote five books, a musical, and sculpted numeous sculptures. In other words, we solidified our love and our lives in this home. As I clean, paint, and plaster through each room, echos of children's laughter mingle with the sound of sanding. Heated debates about politics, religion, movies, and life get muffled under the paint roller. Visions of stretching kids flicker like mirages through the ammonia fumes. Excitement for the future weaves into the sadness of leaving. As each room is spiffed and polished, a little more of our past disappears under a new coat of paint. We look forward to our next journey, but sadly smile at the last. We fervently hope the love and laughter in these walls will comfort the next tenants during their new journey.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Title, New Projects, New Outlook on Life!

Week Ending July 27th - A little late this week, but was finishing up the edits on my new historical novel and just finished late yesterday...and man, am I beat! This is the sequel to Centurion and we have a new name (drum roll please!). We are calling it: THE EDGE OF HONOR. I wanted something that was a little more indicative of the book and this one is all about the thin line between cowardice and honor. Can't wait for it to come out in August!

In other news, we figured out what that fellow was arrested for last week (the one standing outside my house). Apparently, it was burglary. We're very glad they got the guy.

Because of that incident, DH and I have been having long discussions about moving. We've been in our current house for 13 years, which is a long time for us. Now, we're contemplating a move to get a little further out of the city. Beaverton used to be so safe, but, with urban sprawl and all, we're thinking it's time for a move. An opportunity has opened up and we may be pushing along soon.

Fellow Stonegarden author Bob Morgan and I did a signing at the Tacoma Borders Books last Saturday and it was a resounding success! I sold about 12-13 books (all Starsight - they couldn't get Centurion in on time) and I think Bob sold about 10-12 (maybe more). I'm going back up there this Saturday to do a signing for the Cup of Comfort series with fellow "cupper" Maureen, who has a fabulous contribution in the Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers. I'm really looking forward to that. In addition, Borders has invited me back to do a signing in September with my Rose City Romance Writers authors and in December when Starsight II and The Edge of Honor both come out. Jesse up there is a real sweetheart and their crew is wonderful.

I'm also working with Erika over at Barnes & Noble Lloyd Center to possibly do a series of book fairs for two high schools. This will be a great way for the schools to make some money and gives me an opportunity to work with the kids. I'm very excited about this!

I'm planning a new event over at Coffee Time Romance for mid-September which should be a blast. It will be all about historical romance, how to write it, how to research it, and how to make it come alive on the page. More about that later this month.

I've also been invited to participate on a panel at Romantic Times BOOKreviews' Booklovers Conference in April. The panel is called "Multiple Names, Mulitple Genres Or Will The Real Author Please Stand Up?" We will be discussing what it is like to write across genres. I'm so excited to have been invited and am really looking forward to it!

Having finished four books this year, this is the first time I'm actually "between books" since January of 2007. Yep, I've been on a deadline for over a year and a half now. Man! It's a little weird actually having some time to myself...I actually watched a little TV last night (ok, Nova Science Now, but I like that program!). I'm a bit at a cross roads right now. I've got several project to work on, but don't know which one I'm going to do next. Here's the lineup: The Gladiator Prince (another historical in the Centurion series), Keenan's Dilema (erotic comedy/paranormal), Lord Bennett’s Inn (ghost story), The God Wars (prequel to Starsight series), The Restless Seed (sequel to Starsight series), or Arpeggios In The Dark (YA (maybe) Sci-Fi). It's so hard sometimes to know which way to go. I know some writers would kill to have so many choices...this can be a double edged sword, especially when you get more ideas that pop up. Another project I'm contempating is based off a wonderful article sent to me by one of my new author friends, Margaret Donsbach called The Scholar's Supernova about the supernova of 1006 (link below). If you get a change, take a look. This is such a fascinating idea for a book, I'm finding myself unable to resist, so we'll see. ~LOL~

Otherwise, just plugging away...Have a great week! Minnette :)

Minnette Meador

My worlds...real or imagined...

Minnette's 2008 Releases: Starsight, Vol. I, The Centurion & The Queen, The Edge of Honor (August 26, 2008), Starsight Vol. II (November 8, 2008), A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers "Sunday Breakfast"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When life is more interesting than fiction...

Being a fiction writer, most of the excitement in my life happens between my ears. Not so today.

I was sitting at my computer working on edits, when three cops appeared outside my window with shotguns. No kidding. Got my heart thumping, I can tell you. They had a dog with them who was obviously following a scent. They walked passed my window, across the street, and between two of the houses on the other side. You never know what you'll do in a situtation like this, so I surprised myself by locking the doors and closing the windows...86 degree in Beaverton today, so it wasn't very comfortable. But I'm glad I did. When I finished, I looked out of my picture window and saw a young man standing no more than five feet from me, hiding behind my house and staring at the receeding police. I had that heart thing again, only faster this time. I stood very still. If he had looked to his right just at that moment, he could have shook my hand. Yikes!

The young fellow then sprinted across my side street and disappeared between two houses, away from the cops.

Well, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to get the cops and tell him where he was. The kick ass heroine reared her auburn head and I found myself outside, heading toward the police. Fortunately, the spunky side kick smacked me soundly and a bout of common sense overwhelmed me. I turned on my heel and headed back into the house. Then I called 911.

I told the very nice lady on the phone what I had seen and then answered about a hundred questions about the guy, what he looked like, where exactly I was, etc. All the time, I'm watching out the window to see if the cops showed back up. By the time I got off the phone, it had been about three or four minutes. I assumed the guy was in Pittsburgh by this time.

A couple of minutes later, there are four cops with shotguns in their hands and the dog outside my window. I opened it and pointed to where I had seen the guy disappeared and they rushed across the steet. The next thing I know, they're shouting, "Down on the ground! Get your hands up! Don't move!" The guy was across the street hiding behind my neighbor's car.

They took him away and I spent the afternoon pacing through my house. If I ever doubted I was a real writer, I don't anymore. The first thing I did was let my author friends know what just happened for moral support, and then outlined my next project based on this event! Wow!

I'm exhausted and my sweet husband keeps calling me a hero...he also keep hugging me and making sure I'm ok. If this is how a hero feels, I'll have a lot more sympathy for her in my next novel!

Eight Things I've Learned About Writing

1. Writing is 10% writing and 90% editing. Edit 'til you can't stand the thing, then do it three more times. Then have someone else edit it and then go through it three more times after that. You should be there when you start to change words BACK to what they used to be. Here’s a good example; I edited this email for three hours before I was almost satisfied. You know you’re a writer edit your IMs and text messages...

2. Get yourself a critiquing partner and a set of beta readers (family does nicely, especially if you have older kids...they do owe you; friends and co-worker are always good). LISTEN to what they have to say and be prepared for criticism. That’s what you don’t pay them for. A critiquing partner is absolutely an imperative and there are lots of groups out there that can help you find one... comes readily to mind, but there are many out there. Check in your genre. Or join a writing class in your community...that’s where my fabulous, wonderful, adorable partner came from.

3. Take classes, join associations, join groups, get involved in the writer's community (it's huge) and contribute to it. Harder to do than you think, believe me.

4. Be prepared to spend every waking hour on your dream and even some of your sleeping ones. The muse doesn't least until you need her, which leads me to...

5. DON'T RELY ON THE MUSE TO HELP YOU. (S)he will always let you down when you need her/him most. Being a published writer does not take inspiration, it takes dedication. You cannot wait until the art moves is a lazy, drunken sod sometimes and it’s up to you to move it along. Hardest thing to do as a writer is to keep going. There are lots of tips on how to break writer’s block out there. The best advice I ever received? Get off your ass and hit those keys (or move that pen, if you’re a purest) - who cares what you write, just write.

6. Be kind, be loving, live well, and treat others well. When you critique someone or even give them an opinion of their work, keep in mind yours is (or will be) in another's hands one day. Creation is a fragile thing and easily destroyed...look at an egg sometime. I know; I shelved writing for twenty years because of a criticism. I regret it to this day.

7. You must develop a thick skin for this business...the whole “slings & arrows” thing. Not everyone is going to like your work....not everyone appreciates the hours that went into its creation...not everyone is kind. A gentle grace is needed to be a writer, I think...swear and punch through walls when you get home, but keep in mind it’s only one person’s opinion. You can choose to agree...or not. Did I mention this profession takes a bit of ego, as well?

8. There is no reward without sacrifice. When you see your name in print, the paperback crushed in your trembling hands, I promise, it will be worth all the pain. All you have to do then is write the next one...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Muse-ical Rants

Ok...I admit it...I'm terrible about keeping up my blog. But the excuse is legitimate...I HATE talking about myself. So I've decided it's not about me, it's about my characters, my books, and that wacky playground I lovingly call my brain. So, I am going to attempt posting more regularly... here goes...


I am working on final edits for Starsight II (coming out in November) this week. This book is so much better than the first is darker and deals with Joshan, Sirdar, and the nature of darkness and light. It also introduces the "gods," who will become more prevalent in later books. Trenara the Starguider is magnificent, plus I found out with this book that I write a decent battle scene...four, actually. Who knew? Must be those past lives impinging on present time...~GRIN~ Derrick Freeland is working on the cover and it promises to be even more spectacular than the last one (I'll post sketches as we go along)...I'm so excited about the release from Stonegarden in November!

Breton & General (out in eBook August 26th & print in November from Resplendence) will be coming back from my wonderful editor Tuesday or Wednesday with the first round of edits. I am contemplating a name change for the book and have been smacking my brain around about it. Best I can come up with so far is Marius & Delia. ~Yawn~ But I'll keep plugging away at it. Any ideas will be appreciated. Breton deals with themes like betrayal, allegiances, and impossible odds (of course), but also with the nature of courage. Just as a point of interest, this book sparked a new character and a new sequel that I'm very excited about; Thane is a Trinovantes Prince who is captured after the Boudicca revolt and forced to be a gladiator. He actually fights Marius in the arena in Breton. He is a wonderful character and the new book will be about his escape and search for his daughters who are taken to Rome as slaves, and a female slaver (maybe) who helps him find them. It will probably be called The Gladiator Prince, but I won’t be able to work on it until I get a couple other projects done (more to come on those).

Oh, I've updated my website this week to make it look more "professional". Take a look and let me know what you think: Minnette's Website. This was a lot of fun to do, but really digs into my time, so I've got to be careful; I get absolutely sucked into these things!

Otherwise, I'm doing a chat 7/15 on Enduring Romance with some other lovely Resplendence writers, which should be a blast, having lunch with a researcher on Thursday (I LOVE my researchers - they make me almost legitimate), and have a book signing at the Tacoma Borders on Saturday (7/19) with Bob Morgan (wonderful urban dark fantasy writer and fellow Stonegarden Author). I'm also organizing a couple of signings with the Rose City Romance Writers, which I am excited about. The first one I'm organizing is on Saturday, August 9th at the Lincoln City book fair.

I have a new fan site over at Facebook for anyone interested. If you would like to become a fan and/or have a fan site yourself, let me know!

Personally, I've become thoroughly addicted to my fairy on Facebook this week...and that's about all the time I've had for a personal life, oh, except Nova on Tuesday little addiction.

Have a great week! Minnette :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Interview with Coffeetime Romance

My interview just came out with Coffeetime Romance and I'm so excited. Krista is a real doll to work with and she did a great job. Everyone at CTR is such a hat's off to these wonderful people! Here it is:

Minnette :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Almost Done...Breton & General Excerpt

Well, I'm about 10K words from beging done with the Centurion sequel ~testing the chains attaching her to her desk~ Just thought I'd put in a little excerpt for fun...back to work ~whip - whip~

a historical romance by Minnette Meador
all rights reserved

The ex-centurion knew if the Romans caught him, he was dead. Marius could feel the horse strain under his thighs, the animal’s head splitting the air in front of them. Wind roared, mingling with the pounding of Marius’ heart and the jolting rumble of the hooves against the forest floor. He felt the blood flow from a throbbing wound to his shoulder, saw it spatter behind him to stain the horse’s rump when he glanced back. A grim thought flashed through his mind and he tightened his grip on the reins, bowing his head low over the animal’s neck, the smell of the horseflesh stringent in his nose; I would only regret not holding Delia again. Marius’ throat tightened around the thought. It made him dig his heels into Brutus and force him to move faster. He would make it up to the horse later–if he survived.

The forest was a blur around him, brown, green, branches growing like twisted mirages charging at him out of the foggy morning. He dodged them, sometimes successfully–sometimes not—his head and good shoulder ached where they caught him. The movement of the horse’s massive leg muscles was deadening his thighs, making it difficult to manipulate the beast. Despite the speed, Brutus knew his master well and needed little guidance. Marius missed the centurion armor he had worn for twenty-five years, but the Celtic clothes gave him more freedom to manage the animal. He was slowly getting used to being a civilian—very slowly.

Risking a further glance over his shoulder, Marius saw nothing but the trees receding behind him. The sound of jangling Roman horse tack, the shouts of Latin curses, and the frustrated bellow of General Suetonius had also faded. If he was lucky, the soldiers had followed him into the woods, giving the refugees a chance to escape the blades or manacles of the governor’s revenge. A wave of satisfaction sent a bemused smile across his face knowing they had once again out maneuvered the governor. If they did not catch him, he would count this a success.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Check out Sensual!I’m helping to spread the word about the newly redesigned website Sensual. If you like your romance novels on the steamy side, you’ll love this site. It’s full of reviews, interviews, excerpts, information on the newest print and ebooks and lots more. You can even win books and other goodies. So check it out., you can spread the word too! If you’d like a chance to win one of 20 Cover Ads and get a shot at a fabulous grand prize (a 3 Pack of their huge billboard ads - a $100 value!) just repost this blurb on your blog or website. Then stop by Sensual and leave a link to your post. All authors are eligible to enter and win so why in the world wouldn’t you? See their site for more information and official rules:
I’ll see you at Sensual!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Some recent reviews...

It has been a crazy week... signings... writing... etc. and etc. I had some wonderful reviews and they keep me going. My thanks to these very kind three ladies... :)
Starsight, by Minnette Meador
Sheila Deeth
April 23, 2008

Here's a confession. I didn't like fairy tales as a child. I wasn't scared of them - they just annoyed me. Life wasn't meant to be so unpredictable and so unfair, or if was I didn't want to read about it.

I wanted to read my big brother's books - real books the same shape and size as grown-up ones, with lots of words and no pictures. But my brother said I had to prove I was serious first. He told me to read the Snow Queen, but I loathed it so much I volunteered to clean his room instead. That way, I could read chapters from his bookshelf once a week without anyone knowing.
They read Alice in Wonderland to me in grade school. I tried to cover my ears. And in junior high I had to listen to the Hobbit. I couldn't understand the attraction at all, and deduced that fantasy really wasn't my thing.
At college, the young man, who later became my husband, had a novel way of making sure I stayed in touch. He loaned me his copy of Frank Herbert's Dune. It was a thick book that took a long time to read, and when I was finished I had to give it back. My husband likes Dune because he's always loved science fiction (so have I), but it was the first book verging on fantasy that I really enjoyed. Then I bought the Narnia books, Lord of the Rings (and the Hobbit and the Silmarillion of course), the complete works of Lewis Carroll, Earthsea (back when it was only a trilogy)... I was hooked. I even started meeting with friends once a week to play a variant on Dungeons and Dragons.

Then we married and had kids.

It wasn't till I picked up my copy of Minnette Meador's Starsight, mailed freshly minted, signed and personalized by the author (a gather friend), that I realized how long it was since I'd enjoyed a long fantasy (unless Harry Potter counts). I tried George R.R. Martin's books recently, but couldn't get into them - the short reading sessions of a busy life meant the story became too disjointed for me to follow. I was actually nervous as I started Starsight, wanting so much to enjoy it, but beginning to wonder if my reading had come full circle.

I guess Minnette allayed my fears fairly quickly. Eechas instead of hairy horses disturbed me - maybe that's one of my problems, keeping the language of a fantasy world in mind. Guiders. Power (always in italics). I wasn't sure, but I kept reading; persevered into the second chapter. Then suddenly the whole of Minnette's strange world came into focus in my imagination. I was there, transported for a chapter at a time, and the names and images were ready and waiting to return as soon as I came back. With so many names - such strange names - I'm not sure how she did it. But I'd have to say, Minnette has a very deft hand at weaving enough detail into her tale to keep it all flowing smoothly in and out of memory.

Two things attracted me to the book before I read it: Piers Anthony's endorsement on the front cover, and Spider Robinson's on the back. The pictures on the cover made me think I might be in for a Lord of the Rings look-alike, but I was pleased to be wrong. Starsight is set in world of its own, with human characters, flawed and believable, stories and histories interwoven and slowly revealed, and an enjoyable premise of good misused and evil strangely attractive.

Somewhere along the way, I realized I was reading book one of a set. Now I've finished, and the world's still waiting, it's peoples poised for disaster and war, its problems and deceits only partially resolved. Please get the next one published soon Minnette.

Meanwhile, maybe it's time I tried a Song of Ice and Fire again, my fantasy taste-buds now revitalized and hungry for more. Thanks Minnette.
©Sheila Deeth, April 2008
A Fantasy Novel Worth Reading- A Review of Starsight
A. F. Stewart
April 14, 2008

I just finished my copy of Starsight by Minnette Meador, and I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it.

Here's my review:
Starsight is a superior, old-fashioned, epic tale of wizardry, evil and empires.
The book tells the tale of Trenara, Joshan and their allies, as they battle the Machiavellian schemes of Sirdar, and it weaves an intriguing, complex journey for the reader.
The world inside the pages comes alive fully, unfolding with a vibrant energy, and wholly realized characters. From the first page to the last word, I was captivated and entertained. The author creates an inventive outlook on the world of wizards, kings, and magic, giving us characters to care about as they slowly deal with the expanding threat, amidst their secrets, flaws and decency.

Starsight is the first volume in a series, and I can't wait until the next book. It is a remarkable fantasy novel.

Starsight is available through online retailers and
Five Stars Is Not Enough! This Book Deserves More!!!, April 26, 2008
Tia Fanning "Fanning the Flames of Romance" (Fantasy, Illinois) - See all my reviews

Five stars does not even come close to how much I love this book. It deserves ten, perhaps twenty stars! Author Minnette Meador takes you on a thrilling journey to a turbulent time in history and spins you a romantic tale that will have you emotionally engaged until the very last page. As you read, you'll be laughing with the characters, crying with the characters, screaming at the characters one moment (yes, as if they could actually hear you), then cheering them on the next (and making all the people around you think you're utterly crazy for talking to a book!) However, more importantly, you will fall in love with the characters, the story, and the author's eloquent writing style. Anyone is who is a fan of history, legend and/or mythology-- and of course, romance-- should read this book. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Artist to Artist - Heart to Heart - #3 Derrick Freeland

Derrick Freeland
Derrick is the talented artist who did the Starsight bookcover for me. He is a gifted illustrator with a style all his own and I have been very pleased. What I love about Derrick's work is that he produces images that are similar to the older styles of book cover art done in the forties, fifties, and sixties. It's not just a collection of geometric designs or computer generated composites, but real hand-drawn art. His colors are vivid, his subject matter intense, and it definitely catches the eyes.

He is currently working on his own graphic novel. "I Dream A Far Country" is unique, highly charged, and goreously illustrated. Derrick's style is truly one of a kind.

He has also done cover art and book illustrations for several other authors as well.

It is heart warming to see younger people revitalizing the old master styles again. It is nice to know it is not dying out. Starsight II promises to be astonishing...the sketches have just taken my breath away.
Please visit Derrick and say hi to an artist whose work is truly inspirational.

Minnette Meador

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Artist to Artist - Heart to (Celtic) Heart - Feature #2

Here is an inspiration from author Cynthia Owens - Thanks, Cynthia!

My inspiration came from a CD entitled “Celtic Hearts,” a collection of beautiful Irish music. Played mostly on traditional Irish instruments, such as the fiddle, the tin whistle, the harp, and the bodhran, it’s performed by Will Millar, of the Irish Rovers.

Two pieces of music inspired me most. The first was a medley called “Haunted Kenbane.” Haunting and soul-wrenching, every time I listened to it I could picture a devastated Irish village, a valiant band of survivors of famine and tyranny, and a bold hero arriving to bring that village back to life. Those pictures became my first novel, In Sunshine or in Shadow, released by Highland Press in December of 2006.

The second piece, “The Irish Brigade,” was equally inspirational for the sequel to In Sunshine or in Shadow, in which the hero is a veteran of Thomas Francis Meagher’s Irish Brigade, which fought so bravely during the American Civil War. This particular medley ends with a rousing version of Ashokan Farewell, the theme music for Ken Burns’ wonderful series of the Civil War, played mostly on the fiddle and tin whistle.

There’s nothing like Irish music to inspire tales of glory and great love.

Actually, I was lucky enough to be able to contact Mr. Miller, who kindly granted me permission to use part of “Haunted Kenbane” for the video trailer of In Sunshine or in Shadow. You can listen to the wonderful music and view the trailer at:

Thanks for the opportunity to share my muse.

Cynthia Owens
Historical Romances with passion, history and soul
In Sunshine or in Shadow
Available Now From Highland Press

Monday, April 14, 2008

Creative Challenge - Artist to Artist -Heart to Heart

On Wings of Song
Featured Artist #1: Composer Stephan Carroll

It was, in fact, an act of fate, that brought me to this young man's music. Through the miracle that is the internet* and a certain type of electronic magic*, I heard haunting stanzas that drifted unencumbered into my soul, enchanting me, and forcing the Muse to dance, again, for my pleasure. She was stiff, but the whip put bounce back into her step. It had been a very long time.

To catch the genie in the bottle, I created another piece of mambo magic...a video.

It is a frail vessle for this splendor and will not hold the music long, I fear, but perhaps long enough for friends, and famlies, and strangers, to glimpse a piece, however small, of magnificence.

Please join me in celebrating a series of article that I hope will feature an Artist bringing the gift of another Artist for the rest of us to see. If you know of a human beings whose work cannot be witheld from us any longer, then please bring them forward and tell us their tale as only the voice of art can do. I challenge my fellow authors to find me those souls who scream to inspire. You may introduce them here.

Below is the recent Centurion video with a scrap of music (it was all I had the heart for in one sitting). Perhaps it will inspire you to bring the igniter of your own Muse along and introduce them to us all. Please enjoy our first concert0 by my dear friend Stephan Carroll...and please also visit his home. It is only now growing.

The internet is a miracle by pure interpretation since very few of us who use it know how it works or why;
that is the definition of magic, is it not?

THE CENTURION & THE QUEEN by Minnette Meador
The Final Day on Earth
Movement #1 - Dawn/Sunrise - (hope)
by Stephan Carroll

Monday, April 7, 2008

Interview in Chicks of Characterization

I had the best time yesterday with Chicks of Characterization (otherwise known as Andrea and Corrina) when they asked me a whole bunch of questions about writing, books, and everyday was such fun! Take a look....kudos to this wonderful blog site!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

2nd Book Signing - Beautiful Bandon By The Sea

Ok, a week late, but here it is...

Bandon, Oregon is one of the coolest towns in the world and I should know; I lived there for twelve years long ago. It is where a lot of very artistic people moved when they wanted to leave the social termoil behind. The resulting population is a combination of cranberry farmers, artists, muscians, writers...and now, golfers. It is home to the Bandon Dunes Golf Course (if you are a golfer, you would know what that means)and one of the most beautiful spots you'll find anywhere.

A wonderful lady name Johnna invited me to do a signing at her beautiful book store Winter River Books and it went very well. Most of the people who came in were from out of town (this is a resort town on the southern coat of Oregon). They were very friendly and I had some stimulating conversations. Some of my old friends stopped by as well, so that was fun, too!

Anyway, I'm going back in June with my romance and looking forward to it. Thanks go to Mark and Victoria Tierney for putting up with me for the weekend and allowing me to disrupt their lives and to all the fabulous people from Winter River Books!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nightowl Romance - Review of The Centurion & The Queen

Just received a wonderful review from Nightowl Romance (one of my favorite sites for reviews & book talk) for The Centurion & The Queen - they gave me four hearts! I am absolutely thrilled. Check it out...and check out their great website. This really is a great site! M:)

Centurion Review by Nightowl

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Centurion & Queen Being Release in E-Book April 1st!

Just found out last night that The Centurion & The Queen is now being released on Tuesday, April 1st in e-book form. Paperback will be out later this month (finger crossed for April 15th) but the e-book will be available for download on Tuesday!!!! (SEE BLURB & EXCERPTS HERE)

So in celebration, I'm giving away another Centurion Helmet thimble AND a gladius key chain (see pictures below) along with three copies of the e-book version of The Centurion & The Queen. All you have to do is go to and sign up for my mailing list.

Yikeee!!! I'm so excited about my very first romance I'm going to be doing the hoochie dance all day long - ~hoochie~ ~hoochie~ ~hoochie~

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Centurion & The Queen

I just realized I don't have a blurb for C&Q on my, here it is with a link to a couple of excerpts...


Marius has been stationed on the island of 60AD Britannia for sixteen years, his demotion from the famous Praetorian Guard to Centurion brought about when he was suspected of involvement in the assassination of Caligula. Once a celebrated Roman hero, Marius still clings to the old traditions as a fair but tough leader to his men.

Delia is sister to an indolent Breton king, but that role has turned to nothing more than another surrender. All she can do now is help her people survive the gradual conquest by Rome and their suicidal pride as so many throw themselves against the unstoppable Roman machine.

Just as they are discovering an impossible love, they are forced apart, and thrown into the clash between an Iceni queen and a clever Roman general. Marius and Delia have their lives, their beliefs, and their roles turned inside out as they find themselves fighting on opposing sides, in love, and unable to change the future. The revolution would spark their desire, but nearly destroy them both.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Breton & General Now Placed with Resplendence

Just signed my contract yesterday with Resplendence for the sequel to The Centurion & The Queen - THE BRETON & THE GENERAL will be released with Resplendence later this for details...Here's the blurb:

By Minnette Meador
(Sequel to The Centurion & The Queen)

The Boudicca revolt has been squelched, the tribes of the Iceni and the Trinovantes exterminated by the Roman Governor of Britannia, Suetonius. He has sworn his revenge on the remaining tribes for the Celtic insolence.

Marius and Delia are now King and Queen of a broken Celtic tribe. Using his twenty-five years as a Roman Centurion, Marius has to use all his skill and cunning to help his hunted people as they flee before General Suetonius' sword. Reluctantly donning the mask of the liberatio mysticus, the “phantom” that hides the scattered tribes, the couple recruits Marius' ex-Roman century and what few Celtic warriors that remain to face the deadly Roman machine. They struggle to keep their people together and the rest of a nation from fading into history.

Marius and Delia are threatened by secret plots, jealousy, and a new enemy that hammers a wedge between them, which even an unborn child may not be able to dislodge when Marius falls under the charms of Delia's sworn enemy. Sacrifices will have to be made to save their people, to keep the nation together, to survive the Roman rage. In the end, it may be more than their love or their lives they lose.

The Centurion & The Queen

The cover is now official! Being released April 2008...~GRIN~

Friday, March 21, 2008

Passing of a great man...

Arthur C. Clarke was a great man...he touched our hearts and our imaginations like no one else and brought the voice of plausibility to a genre that had a hard time standing on its own two feet back in the day. My husband and I were weaned on his books. We looked forward to his soft, sweet voice in the many TV documentaries he was involved with. 2001 and 2010 have been next to our various players in every technological innovation, from beta, to VHS, to DVD, to electronic...his books sit abused, curled, and dog-eared on our shelves, lovingly read over and over again. He has lived in our home longer than our children and we bow our heads to his greatness.

You will be missed, gentle soul.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Starsight's First Book Signing...

Yesterday I went to my very first book signing at Books By The Bay in North Bend, Oregon (right next to Coos Bay, Oregon, for those of you who would know such a thing). It went great! We sold all of our books and the wonderful store owner, Trish, will be stocking Starsight in the store. I had a few friends show up and made a few more (including one very nice young man named William, who tells me, at ten, that he is quite an advanced reader...I did not doubt it at all!). We had a great time and stayed about an hour after the 3pm deadline. The store is beautiful (with a FABULOUS coffee shop, to boot!) and one of the best selection of books...I was in heaven, to say the least. North Bend is on the south coast of Oregon and I actually lived there several years ago...the people are some of the kindest on the planet. The "old" and new friends made this day very special for my husband and guys really are the best!

Anyway, getting ready for my next one on the south coast at Winter River Books in Bandon, Oregon (one of the most enchanted places in the world!) on March 29th.

~Exhausted, dreaming, and sighing at the moon~ Thank you Books by The made my weekend spectacular! Minnette :)

Friday, March 14, 2008


A Cup of Comfort for Single Moms, edited by Colleen Sell and published by Adams Media, has been released and is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other fine book stores. I was very fortunate to get invited to contribute to this wonderful look at the women who do it all. Here is a small signings are coming up in the Oregon area and I will annouce those separately.

"To this day, I couldn’t tell you what woke me that Sunday morning. Despite claims to the contrary in studies and countless books on child development, the thing that frightens parents most—more than midnight calls from the hospital, swan dives from the roofs of pickup trucks, or locked bathroom doors—is the sound of absolute silence wherever one or more children are near but out of sight. I knew instantly something was terribly wrong as my parental extra-sense went into overdrive.

“Boys?” I called tentatively, my heart racing and the silence making my ears ache. It’s amazing how quickly adrenaline can get you going in the morning; coffee is a weak second-rater, if you ask me.

I got out of bed, grabbed my robe, stubbed my foot on the nightstand just for laughs, and then knocked over the double-crossing baby monitor. That’ll teach ya!"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Help Barb Celebrate...

Please see the note from Barb Vey at Publisher's Weekly about her celebration. Barb has been a friend to authors worldwide and she needs our support. Thanks! Minnette :)

To all the wonderful people I've met in the past year....

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of writing my Beyond Her Book blog. I know, I can't believe it's been a year already. So, I'm planning an online party to include lots of giveaways.

In a couple of weeks I'll be in New York talking to the bigwigs at PW about my "success" online and I'd like to blow them away with numbers. So I'm asking everyone I know to send out messages to have everyone and their uncles to read and/or post a comment to the blog on Friday (tomorrow) to try and hit record numbers. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated.

I'd really like to send the message that a place is needed and wanted to talk about all kinds of books in general and romance specifically.

With my undying gratitude,

Barbara Vey
Contributing Editor
Publishers Weekly
Beyond Her Book blog

Books by Minnette Meador

THE BELL STALKER an urban fantasy thriller by Minnette Meador EXCERPT - CHAPTER ONE Belle Stark has struggled to conquer fears...