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Friday, April 18, 2008

Artist to Artist - Heart to Heart - #3 Derrick Freeland

Derrick Freeland
Derrick is the talented artist who did the Starsight bookcover for me. He is a gifted illustrator with a style all his own and I have been very pleased. What I love about Derrick's work is that he produces images that are similar to the older styles of book cover art done in the forties, fifties, and sixties. It's not just a collection of geometric designs or computer generated composites, but real hand-drawn art. His colors are vivid, his subject matter intense, and it definitely catches the eyes.

He is currently working on his own graphic novel. "I Dream A Far Country" is unique, highly charged, and goreously illustrated. Derrick's style is truly one of a kind.

He has also done cover art and book illustrations for several other authors as well.

It is heart warming to see younger people revitalizing the old master styles again. It is nice to know it is not dying out. Starsight II promises to be astonishing...the sketches have just taken my breath away.
Please visit Derrick and say hi to an artist whose work is truly inspirational.

Minnette Meador