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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Muse-ical Rants

Ok...I admit it...I'm terrible about keeping up my blog. But the excuse is legitimate...I HATE talking about myself. So I've decided it's not about me, it's about my characters, my books, and that wacky playground I lovingly call my brain. So, I am going to attempt posting more regularly... here goes...


I am working on final edits for Starsight II (coming out in November) this week. This book is so much better than the first one...it is darker and deals with Joshan, Sirdar, and the nature of darkness and light. It also introduces the "gods," who will become more prevalent in later books. Trenara the Starguider is magnificent, plus I found out with this book that I write a decent battle scene...four, actually. Who knew? Must be those past lives impinging on present time...~GRIN~ Derrick Freeland is working on the cover and it promises to be even more spectacular than the last one (I'll post sketches as we go along)...I'm so excited about the release from Stonegarden in November!

Breton & General (out in eBook August 26th & print in November from Resplendence) will be coming back from my wonderful editor Tuesday or Wednesday with the first round of edits. I am contemplating a name change for the book and have been smacking my brain around about it. Best I can come up with so far is Marius & Delia. ~Yawn~ But I'll keep plugging away at it. Any ideas will be appreciated. Breton deals with themes like betrayal, allegiances, and impossible odds (of course), but also with the nature of courage. Just as a point of interest, this book sparked a new character and a new sequel that I'm very excited about; Thane is a Trinovantes Prince who is captured after the Boudicca revolt and forced to be a gladiator. He actually fights Marius in the arena in Breton. He is a wonderful character and the new book will be about his escape and search for his daughters who are taken to Rome as slaves, and a female slaver (maybe) who helps him find them. It will probably be called The Gladiator Prince, but I won’t be able to work on it until I get a couple other projects done (more to come on those).

Oh, I've updated my website this week to make it look more "professional". Take a look and let me know what you think: Minnette's Website. This was a lot of fun to do, but really digs into my time, so I've got to be careful; I get absolutely sucked into these things!

Otherwise, I'm doing a chat 7/15 on Enduring Romance with some other lovely Resplendence writers, which should be a blast, having lunch with a researcher on Thursday (I LOVE my researchers - they make me almost legitimate), and have a book signing at the Tacoma Borders on Saturday (7/19) with Bob Morgan (wonderful urban dark fantasy writer and fellow Stonegarden Author). I'm also organizing a couple of signings with the Rose City Romance Writers, which I am excited about. The first one I'm organizing is on Saturday, August 9th at the Lincoln City book fair.

I have a new fan site over at Facebook for anyone interested. If you would like to become a fan and/or have a fan site yourself, let me know!

Personally, I've become thoroughly addicted to my fairy on Facebook this week...and that's about all the time I've had for a personal life, oh, except Nova on Tuesday night...my little addiction.

Have a great week! Minnette :)