Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting ready for the party...

Lots of amazing things happening behind the scenes this week with the book release for A GHOST OF A CHANCE. I received some wonderful banners from my designer, Kendra Egert.

And then some great banners announcing my book tour in June from the lovely ladies @ Goddess Fish.

Bitten by Books came up with this fabulous flash banner...

And I even tried my hand at it. No where as good, but I had a blast doing it! (Should have been writing, but woman does not live by bread alone).

No sleep for the wicked... or romance writers... 

Minnette Meador
World Weaver...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mom & Dad... World War II

In 1942 my mother was an editor for the camp newspaper and my dad was the dashing pilot who trained 18-year-olds to fly, a very dangerous line of work. When one of his trainees couldn't correct the plane in time, they crashed, but due to my dad's quick thinking, they walked away. Well, my dad didn't exactly walk; his leg was broken. When my mother went to interview him in the hospital, I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight.

Here's to their contribution to WWII and to all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen, and marines who are out there putting their lives on the line to protect everyone's freedom. May your efforts bring peace in your time.

Minnette Meador
World Weaver

Friday, May 27, 2011


Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this very first contest for A GHOST OF A CHANCE coming out in June. And without any further ado...


I'll get emails out to both of you so I can have the card sent to you...

Stay tuned for many more contest to come... and watch for my first ever BLOG TOUR with the lovely ladies of Goddess Fish coming soon...

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Minnette Meador
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Contest for My Lovelies - $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

CONTEST: Here is a link to an excerpt from my newest, A Ghost of a Chance coming out in June 2011. The question to answer is this: What is the name of the restaurant where Keenan makes a date with Isabella? Please Note: This is R-rated (language/adult situations).

PRIZE: $25 gift certificate to Amazon.

RULE: Read the excerpt and when you have the answer, email it to: mmeador@minnettemeador.com. The contest will go from Tuesday to Friday night (5/27/11) @ 8pm (PST). I will draw 2 (count them 2!) winners and mail out their gift cards.


Minnette Meador
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Ghost of a Chance - New Cover!

Just had to share my gorgeous new cover for A Ghost of a Chance... oh, and a blurb. Thanks, Kendra, Wendy, et al for another amazing cover! M:o)

a paranormal romantic comedy
by Minnette Meador
Resplendence Publishing

Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed to create a living demon, the reluctant psychic realizes he just might not come out of this alive—or with heart intact.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today I received this message on Facebook about my story Sunday Breakfast in A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers...

I am a single Mom and read your devotional today in a Cup of Comfort for Single Moms and...

how did you get by all those years Minnette? 3 boys and I have one child...you are so very strong...I loved the breakfast of champions story with the boys piling up everything in the kitchen...some days are tough...we do what we need to do right? I have no child support or anything--I am Mom and Dad and he has never seen her or fed her at all...its better that way though...i think sometimes I made a mistake leaving him however I think he would have hurt me more emotionally and mentally if I stayed and I worried about what it would have done to her--.I left when I was pregnant and never looked back...my Mom had just died of cancer...I never told my family why I left--they need not know the truths-I knew though...

I scrape by and pray and go to church and just got a ft job that is a 2 hour commute daily...maybe food stamps is a good option...you made me laugh and smile and cry all at the same time...Thank you for you and your inner strength :)


This touched my heart, especially on this Mother's Day when my children are now all grown and some of them are far away. It reminded me how hard it was to be a single mom and how you have to struggle for each and every joy. I am sending as much love and encouragement as I can today to Meg. Please join me and, on this Mother's Day amidst all your running around and bustling through life, remember the single moms & dads that struggle every day just to put food on the table for their little ones and a roof over their heads. If you know one, take her out to dinner or buy her a few bags of groceries, or offer to babysit for her for an evening. To all you single moms & dads out there, you are my heroes!

Minnette Meador
World Weaver...

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