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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Title, New Projects, New Outlook on Life!

Week Ending July 27th - A little late this week, but was finishing up the edits on my new historical novel and just finished late yesterday...and man, am I beat! This is the sequel to Centurion and we have a new name (drum roll please!). We are calling it: THE EDGE OF HONOR. I wanted something that was a little more indicative of the book and this one is all about the thin line between cowardice and honor. Can't wait for it to come out in August!

In other news, we figured out what that fellow was arrested for last week (the one standing outside my house). Apparently, it was burglary. We're very glad they got the guy.

Because of that incident, DH and I have been having long discussions about moving. We've been in our current house for 13 years, which is a long time for us. Now, we're contemplating a move to get a little further out of the city. Beaverton used to be so safe, but, with urban sprawl and all, we're thinking it's time for a move. An opportunity has opened up and we may be pushing along soon.

Fellow Stonegarden author Bob Morgan and I did a signing at the Tacoma Borders Books last Saturday and it was a resounding success! I sold about 12-13 books (all Starsight - they couldn't get Centurion in on time) and I think Bob sold about 10-12 (maybe more). I'm going back up there this Saturday to do a signing for the Cup of Comfort series with fellow "cupper" Maureen, who has a fabulous contribution in the Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers. I'm really looking forward to that. In addition, Borders has invited me back to do a signing in September with my Rose City Romance Writers authors and in December when Starsight II and The Edge of Honor both come out. Jesse up there is a real sweetheart and their crew is wonderful.

I'm also working with Erika over at Barnes & Noble Lloyd Center to possibly do a series of book fairs for two high schools. This will be a great way for the schools to make some money and gives me an opportunity to work with the kids. I'm very excited about this!

I'm planning a new event over at Coffee Time Romance for mid-September which should be a blast. It will be all about historical romance, how to write it, how to research it, and how to make it come alive on the page. More about that later this month.

I've also been invited to participate on a panel at Romantic Times BOOKreviews' Booklovers Conference in April. The panel is called "Multiple Names, Mulitple Genres Or Will The Real Author Please Stand Up?" We will be discussing what it is like to write across genres. I'm so excited to have been invited and am really looking forward to it!

Having finished four books this year, this is the first time I'm actually "between books" since January of 2007. Yep, I've been on a deadline for over a year and a half now. Man! It's a little weird actually having some time to myself...I actually watched a little TV last night (ok, Nova Science Now, but I like that program!). I'm a bit at a cross roads right now. I've got several project to work on, but don't know which one I'm going to do next. Here's the lineup: The Gladiator Prince (another historical in the Centurion series), Keenan's Dilema (erotic comedy/paranormal), Lord Bennett’s Inn (ghost story), The God Wars (prequel to Starsight series), The Restless Seed (sequel to Starsight series), or Arpeggios In The Dark (YA (maybe) Sci-Fi). It's so hard sometimes to know which way to go. I know some writers would kill to have so many choices...this can be a double edged sword, especially when you get more ideas that pop up. Another project I'm contempating is based off a wonderful article sent to me by one of my new author friends, Margaret Donsbach called The Scholar's Supernova about the supernova of 1006 (link below). If you get a change, take a look. This is such a fascinating idea for a book, I'm finding myself unable to resist, so we'll see. ~LOL~

Otherwise, just plugging away...Have a great week! Minnette :)

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