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Monday, April 14, 2008

Creative Challenge - Artist to Artist -Heart to Heart

On Wings of Song
Featured Artist #1: Composer Stephan Carroll

It was, in fact, an act of fate, that brought me to this young man's music. Through the miracle that is the internet* and a certain type of electronic magic*, I heard haunting stanzas that drifted unencumbered into my soul, enchanting me, and forcing the Muse to dance, again, for my pleasure. She was stiff, but the whip put bounce back into her step. It had been a very long time.

To catch the genie in the bottle, I created another piece of mambo magic...a video.

It is a frail vessle for this splendor and will not hold the music long, I fear, but perhaps long enough for friends, and famlies, and strangers, to glimpse a piece, however small, of magnificence.

Please join me in celebrating a series of article that I hope will feature an Artist bringing the gift of another Artist for the rest of us to see. If you know of a human beings whose work cannot be witheld from us any longer, then please bring them forward and tell us their tale as only the voice of art can do. I challenge my fellow authors to find me those souls who scream to inspire. You may introduce them here.

Below is the recent Centurion video with a scrap of music (it was all I had the heart for in one sitting). Perhaps it will inspire you to bring the igniter of your own Muse along and introduce them to us all. Please enjoy our first concert0 by my dear friend Stephan Carroll...and please also visit his home. It is only now growing.

The internet is a miracle by pure interpretation since very few of us who use it know how it works or why;
that is the definition of magic, is it not?

THE CENTURION & THE QUEEN by Minnette Meador
The Final Day on Earth
Movement #1 - Dawn/Sunrise - (hope)
by Stephan Carroll