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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here's a wonderful book I found on Authors Promoting Authors.

Truly a vacation spot that takes you to depths that are unexpected.

The more you read, the deeper it gets, while remaining light hearted and fun.

This book leaves you with a feeling of yearning for more.

As you travel throughout the land with John and his mother, Ellie, you are on a journey into more unusual places than you could possibly imagine. Mr. Allen has found a way to depict self-exploration, our journey through life, the mystery of the afterlife, intense philisophical lessons and the wonders of youth with amazing imagery.

Find yourself in a world where you do not forget the pleasures of your childhood - a place where you can embrace them and make them part of your soul.

To Purchase GoneAway Into The Land and to learn more about Jeffery B. Allen visit: