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Friday, December 5, 2008

New Review on Amazon - 5 Stars - Squee!!!

"A great story to curl up with and get lost in, November 19, 2008
By Leisa Zegers (Oregon City, Oregon)

I don't read much fantasy but love Sci-Fi. Vacationing in Bandon Oregon this summer, I stopped into a small bookstore to look around and Minette was there signing her books. After talking with her and looking at the books she had with her, I purchased Starsight. I started it while in Bandon but put it in a bag of books and crafts I brought with me. Several months went by and digging through the bag I found the book. Remembering our conversation I put down another book I was reading and started carrying this one to work with me. Fifteen (15) minutes into re-starting the book I couldn't stop. I read it every moment I had until it was finished. I then loaned the book to a girl I work with that saw me reading it and told me she loved fantasy books. Now she too is hooked. Minette really knows how to develop character. There are quite a few but not to many to keep track of and enough that it is easy to find one or two you really love and find yourself rooting for. Her world is easy to get into and hard to leave. I can't wait to read the second one and plan on picking it up this weekend. I am so glad I wandered into that bookstore. If I hadn't I would never have picked that book to buy as I usually stay away from fantasy. Thanks Minette for being there, thank you for a wonderful book and thank you for broadening my horizons. Now I won't automatically bypass the fantasy sections and I might even pick up one of your other books just to see if you are as good on that playing field as you are in fantasy. Hope to see you again (at least I know we will meet in the pages of your books). One of your newest fans, Leisa Zegers. "
I love it when I get one like this...it's why I write. :)