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Saturday, April 5, 2008

2nd Book Signing - Beautiful Bandon By The Sea

Ok, a week late, but here it is...

Bandon, Oregon is one of the coolest towns in the world and I should know; I lived there for twelve years long ago. It is where a lot of very artistic people moved when they wanted to leave the social termoil behind. The resulting population is a combination of cranberry farmers, artists, muscians, writers...and now, golfers. It is home to the Bandon Dunes Golf Course (if you are a golfer, you would know what that means)and one of the most beautiful spots you'll find anywhere.

A wonderful lady name Johnna invited me to do a signing at her beautiful book store Winter River Books and it went very well. Most of the people who came in were from out of town (this is a resort town on the southern coat of Oregon). They were very friendly and I had some stimulating conversations. Some of my old friends stopped by as well, so that was fun, too!

Anyway, I'm going back in June with my romance and looking forward to it. Thanks go to Mark and Victoria Tierney for putting up with me for the weekend and allowing me to disrupt their lives and to all the fabulous people from Winter River Books!