Friday, September 14, 2012

The Road to Recovery...

"...the report of my demise was greatly exaggerated..." Mark Twain

I disappeared in April like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, but I promise, it was not due to anything overly tragic. The plain simple truth is... I haven't been able to type since then. In January I hit my "funny" bone (stupid name!) and trapped my ulna nerve. It took the docs a long time to figure this out (stupid doctors!) during which time my right hand stopped working properly (stupid hand!). Anyway, long story short, I went into surgery four weeks ago and I have the Frankenstein scars to prove it. I'll be in recovery and physical therapy for 6-8 weeks, but already I've got my hand back and am very happy (nice hand!).

I've missed writing terribly, although I did buy the Dragon Naturally Speaking while I was sick and it seems to work very well. I'm looking forward to using it to help keep my limbs happy. I never, never, ever want that to happen again.

While I was out, my DS and DIL had my third grandson, Celilo Augustus Freeland. He is the most precious darling ever! Welcome to the world little fella.

So I'll slowly get back to everyone I've missed so much... thanks so much for your patience and concern. I'll see you in the ether! Minnette :o)

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