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Monday, March 21, 2011


Who would you go out with first?
A. A gladiator?
B. A Roman soldier?
C. A Greek doctor?
D. An ancient pirate captain?
Which, beside the gladiator, do you think is a good guy in my book?


So, I went in for my interview and I start back at my old job (but with new duties) starting on Monday. I had some wonderful advice and really appreciate everyone who responded, but I think there's a lot to be said about having money. I, for one, am all for it. Plus, I get to work with some very amazing people whom I really miss (you know who you are).

Because I have to start on Monday, this week is going to be a marathon. I have to finish my book (up to 46K as of right now, so only about 40K more to go - Yikes!!), get all my marketing set up, get my house in order (well, more order), and say goodbye to sleeping in, work outs when the gym is empty, and shopping on Tuesdays. ~Goodbye~ I am still jazzed...

Didn't have to do any research today (already know lots about Roman soldiers). My heroine got in big trouble today, the hero rescued her (better late than never), they now have three bodies buried behind them that will be found before they are out of the country, and my hero is being stoic... again! My mentor's number may be up tomorrow... we shall see. Oh, and I added tabs to my blog page ~squee~ I'm so good!

Tomorrow all...

Minnette Meador
World Weaver...