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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deflowering, Acrobats & Cooking Utensils


How would you deflower a virgin?
A.Pop goes the weasel?
B. Leave her a virgin and sleep with her sister?
C. Gently, softly, slowly and many other "ly's" too numerous to mention?
D. Hire someone else to do it?
My Hero does it one of these ways... Can you guess which?

Had a good day today. Portland was sunny and fine, did a lot of writing, and even got to walk the mall, including getting 1/2 lbs of Sees Candy. For those of you who don't know, one of the best candies in the world. I first bought these when I was in downtown Portland singing in The Piccadilly Room at the Benson Hotel in the early seventies (yes, I was a teenager then). One day, I will write about that interesting part of my life, but not today.

Did lots of research today about deflowering a virgin, how prevalent acrobats were in ancient Rome, and whether they used metal in their cooking pots and pans. The answers to all were fascinating...

Wrote my first full sex scene in the book (there is a bit of foreplay earlier in the book, never worry) and I'm exhausted. If anyone tells you it is easy to write sex, they are deranged. It is extremely difficult, time consuming, and frustrating - on many, many different levels. I can't even imagine how erotica writers do it (write sex scenes, that is)... Anyway, up to 42K and counting. So that's 2K today...

Going to watch movies, eat chocolate, and open my windows to enjoy the sun (not necessarily in the order).

Minnette Meador
World Weaver...