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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mom & Dad... World War II

 Hap & Smitty
When I had lunch the other day with Kristina McMorris, we talked about WWII (that's World War II to you younger ones) and it made me think about my folks. Mom and Dad were both in the Army Air Corp. Mom was editor for the camp newspaper and my dad was the dashing pilot instructor. Back in the early days of the war the US didn't have enough pilots so every fly boy they recruited was stationed somewhere to train 18 year olds to fly. Scary, huh? Anyway, dad was up with one of his students, something went wrong, and the plane crashed. Dad ended up in the hospital and my mom went to interview him for the paper. They fell in love. Anyway, Kristina's story Letters From Home really brought that home to me in a big way. In fact, it inspired me enough to set aside some time to do research, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, Kristina's book is amazing and I highly recommend it.

Minnette Meador
World Weaver...