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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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What is the role of a mentor in your story?
A. He should die poignantly so that his death propels the hero onto his journey.
B. He should sacrifice himself to the powers that be so the rest of the companions can move on?
C. He should find another job and move to Canada.
D. He should kill the hero and switch sides.

Which do you think my mentor did today?

TUESDAY, MARCH 22ND - 48K (8K since Sunday)

Researched: Egyptian and Roman Merchant ships, scabbards, map, maps, oh, and more maps, library at Alexandria (not in my book, but was distracted for a while), the port of Rutupiae (where the Romans landed and did their shipping in Britannia), reading livers, praying to Asklepios, and harbors.

The ship in the picture above is actually a form of my pirate ship... oops, I've said too much! Never mind. ~whistles~ I have come to the realization that writers are, after all, sadists. We torture our creations, make them suffer horribly, and then... torture them some more. And we smile all the way through, especially if the torture is particular gruesome. Sadists. 

Tomorrow, one of the first big reveals is going to happen... but not tonight.Been writing since 7:30 this AM and am ready for some mind foam... Ta~! :o)

Minnette Meador
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