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Friday, March 18, 2011

Poison, Swords & Daggers

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: (My heroine did one of these things today)
If armed bandits came upon you in the woods, which would you do:
A. Run around in circles screaming, "Mama, mama?"
B. Ask the bandit what he was doing later?
C. Sell your little brother and split the proceeds?
D. Hit him on the head with two amphora filled with wine?

I have been told, reminded, and nagged that my blog should reflect my personality. I would have to write it, tear it into itty bitty pieces and throw it up in the air, singing torch songs and citing lines from The Tempest to get even close to my personality. I have struggled for years on what to do with this amazing white elephant; write about books, I've done that. Write about research, done that too. Bare my soul to millions... all right, thousands? Trust me, that's not anything you want to see... So, I'm going to bare something, but it won't be my soul...

Friday, March 18, 2011
Worked out on the treadmill at the gym for 65 minutes until my legs resembled jello shots. Do I like to work out? Hell no! Do I want to work out? Ditto. Do I want to be healthy? Hmmm... I guess. It's a good thing my trainer is good looking. A distraction anyway...

Then I went to meet with a publicist. She was kind and didn't even laugh at me when I told her my ideas about marketing... I thought the clown a very good idea and we could have gotten him cheap. All right, taking City Hall hostage was a bit over the top, but it would get everyone's attention, right? I had to fire the camera crew. If this lovely lady can make me look good, then I will start a new religion, I swear.

Okay, I did write today and researched... Let's see: ancient medicine, Roman poisons, British poisons, medicinal herbs, and Celtic daggers and swords. Oh, and I did severely wound one character,  beat up a bandit, gave my heroine some spine, and even made my gladiator make googly eyes. Not bad for a couple of hours. Of course, I may change it all tomorrow. Damn Muse can't make up her frickin' mind!  ~Being a goddess is such a chore ~yawn~.

Tomorrow brings surgery, shouting matches, and sex... lots and lots of sex. All of this for my book, folks... all though... (If my children are reading, just skip this part.) Going over to participate in my two friends book club on FB - good luck Delle & Sue! And then Sunday going over to participate in a self-publishing discussion. Now THAT'S going to be interesting... I'll tell you how it turns out...

Goodnight all... M:o)

Minnette Meador