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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Centurion & The Queen

I just realized I don't have a blurb for C&Q on my blogsite...so, here it is with a link to a couple of excerpts...


Marius has been stationed on the island of 60AD Britannia for sixteen years, his demotion from the famous Praetorian Guard to Centurion brought about when he was suspected of involvement in the assassination of Caligula. Once a celebrated Roman hero, Marius still clings to the old traditions as a fair but tough leader to his men.

Delia is sister to an indolent Breton king, but that role has turned to nothing more than another surrender. All she can do now is help her people survive the gradual conquest by Rome and their suicidal pride as so many throw themselves against the unstoppable Roman machine.

Just as they are discovering an impossible love, they are forced apart, and thrown into the clash between an Iceni queen and a clever Roman general. Marius and Delia have their lives, their beliefs, and their roles turned inside out as they find themselves fighting on opposing sides, in love, and unable to change the future. The revolution would spark their desire, but nearly destroy them both.