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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Starsight's First Book Signing...

Yesterday I went to my very first book signing at Books By The Bay in North Bend, Oregon (right next to Coos Bay, Oregon, for those of you who would know such a thing). It went great! We sold all of our books and the wonderful store owner, Trish, will be stocking Starsight in the store. I had a few friends show up and made a few more (including one very nice young man named William, who tells me, at ten, that he is quite an advanced reader...I did not doubt it at all!). We had a great time and stayed about an hour after the 3pm deadline. The store is beautiful (with a FABULOUS coffee shop, to boot!) and one of the best selection of books...I was in heaven, to say the least. North Bend is on the south coast of Oregon and I actually lived there several years ago...the people are some of the kindest on the planet. The "old" and new friends made this day very special for my husband and I...you guys really are the best!

Anyway, getting ready for my next one on the south coast at Winter River Books in Bandon, Oregon (one of the most enchanted places in the world!) on March 29th.

~Exhausted, dreaming, and sighing at the moon~ Thank you Books by The Bay...you made my weekend spectacular! Minnette :)