Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanks to Our Beautiful Friends - The Independent Book Stores

JAN'S PAPERBACK BOOKS - 18095 S.W. TV Highway, Aloha, Oregon 97006

To be very honest I have been exceptionally lazy over the last 2 years. Granted a year of that time was spent getting my right hand back (which is still giving me fits - I signed  books today for the first time in a long time and my autograph looks awful). But a wonderful friend and one hellofva book store owner, talked me back into the fold. My thanks to Debbie Burke for her words of encouragement... and yes, Deb, I don't need to write 8 books a year!

Today I joined many other authors over at Jan's Paperback Books in Aloha and had a blast helping out by selling books and chatting with readers. I met so many new writers and readers. It went a long way to spark that old feeling again and I'm simply grateful. Jan's Paperback has been mother, sister, confidant, confessor, and general cheer leaders for so many local authors it's been overwhelming. We really appreciate all you guys... you have no idea how much.

So please get over to you local independent book store this holiday season; without them books may become a thing of the past. We can't afford to let them go.

Bless all the wonderful book sellers out there that work tirelessly, with little pay, long hours, bad backs from standing on concrete floors all day. Without you we are nothing...

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