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Sunday, April 8, 2012


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Today's Daily Prize: Winner's choice of any one of Minnette's Kindle books on Amazon.

Today's Treasure Hunt Challenge
: Searching the internet, find an excerpt from The She Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey. Question: What would the child become after it was born? MAKE SURE TO EMAIL YOUR ANSWER TO: mmeador@minnettemeador.com - Good luck!

 Today's Daily Question
(Answer found in Chapter One of Starsight) What are Starmoths?  EMAIL YOUR ANSWER TO: mmeador@minnettemeador.com - Good luck!

Studying the different levels of the Power below, which one would you like to attain and what would you do with it? Leave your answers in the Comments section below.
A couple of days ago, I printed an essay on the history of The Crystal which talks about the origins of the Starguiders. Today, I'll outline a bit about what they can do and when they can do it.
First Trial or Coming to Power- COLOR: WHITE - When novice starguiders have their first confrontation with the power. When they can control it, they are capable of the first level of guidance. This is actually the most dangerous of all levels because of the unpredictable nature of the power. Young pre-guiders can easily die at first trial or go mad from the touch of the power. This level gives them a small degree of prescience, some telekinesis, and the beginnings of clarity of thinking. Once a child has reached First Trial, he or she must be relocated to Mathisma for training due to the increased possibility of inadvertently hurting other around them.

Second Trial or Coming to Knowledge - COLOR: BLUE - Enables one to learn quickly. It is at this stage you begin to develop your sight, the ability to read minds and futures to varying degrees. At Second Trial you begin to control your abilities. Most guiders stay at this level for year, well into their adulthood. You can guide a pre-guider after second trial or teach on Mathisma.

Third Trial or Coming to Nature  - COLOR: GREEN - Gives the Starguider power over trees, grass, wind, rain, etc., helping them to be—well, more than they are. A well-trained 3rd Trial can manipulate the weather, cure animals and even humans in some of the more advanced stages. They have full use of the Voice, being able to control others by soothing out situations with certain tones or convincing others to see their side of it. They are also the top teachers at Mathisma and around the Imperium. 

Fourth Trial or Master of Power - COLOR: AMBER - Extremely rare. The amber light denotes a combination of all the lower powers. The accepted philosophy is that the amber increases the discipline that comes with the white, enhances the sight that comes with the blue, and gives more control over nature that comes with the green.