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The Gladiator Prince - Blog Tour Schedule!

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10/4/2011 Proud Book Nerd 
                      The Power of Music in Writing
                      Prize: Gladius Letter Opener

a historical romance
by Minnette Meador 
Starting September 7th and going through October 4th I will be on a blog tour to celebrate the release of THE GLADIATOR PRINCE! I'll be touring with a series of articles all about ancient Rome... sex, gladiators, pirates, true love, and so much more. Something new each and every day. For details about the tour go to the Goddess Fish site or visit for a complete schedule... LOTS of prizes (one for every stop and grand prizes at the end - see what prizes are being given away on the schedule below). 
For description, video, and excerpt, go to bottom of post.
9/1/2011 - 10/31/11  Nightowl Romance Halloween
Scavenger Hunt - Hundreds of prizes are being awarded in the annual NOR scavenger hunt... Not part of my official blog hop, but a great way to get to know a lot of wonderful writers and win prizes while you're doing it! I'm giving away a $100 GC.
(To see pictures of prizes visit my prize page)
9/7/2011   Goddess Fish Party Pavilion
                     Kick Off & Excerpt
                     Prize: Green Roman Earrings
9/8/2011  Romance That's Out of This World               
                     Ancient Characters - Fact or Fiction
                     Prize: Gladiator Helmet Keyring
9/9/2011  Heart of the Dragon's Den
                     Prize: Celtic Earrings
9/12/2011 Books Read 'n' Makeup On
Character Interview: Thane & Phaedra
                     Prize: Celtic Bangle Bracelet
9/13/2011 Black Velvet Seductions Reader's Blog
                     Article: Creating History
                     Prize: The Centurion & The Queen
                            (Kindle or Nook)
9/14/2011 Sara York

                     Prize: Gold & Amber Bracelet
9/15/2011 Night Owl Romance Blog
                     Sweat and Blood in the Sand
                     Prize: A wooden gladius
                    (called a rudi used for training)
9/15/2011 The Celtic Rose

                     Article: The British Celts &
                                    The Roman Empire
                     Prize: Signed Copies of Centurion & Edge
9/16/2011 Lisa Sanchez

                     Prize: Signed Centurion Book w/Goodies

9/17/2011 COFFEE TIME ROMANCE & MORE - LATTE LOUNGE - LIFE IN ANCIENT ROME - ALL DAY! Come on over to Coffee Time Romance to talk about all things Ancient Rome: Sex, Families, Women, Soldiers, Gladiators, and even Pirates! Participate for a chance to win $100 GC from Amazon and autographed books! Must sign up for Coffee Time Romance to participate. See you there!

9/19/2011 Long and Short Reviews Spotlight
                      Excerpt: Seduction
                      Prize: Gladiator Keyring
9/20/2011 Long and Short Reviews Spotlight
                      Food & Wine - The Gladiatorial Feast
                      Prize: Layered Bracelet

9/21/2011 Long and Short Reviews Spotlight
                      Excerpt: The Bathhouse
                      Prize: Celtic Necklace
9/22/2011 Long and Short Reviews Spotlight
                      Ancient Slave Galleys
                      Prize: Celtic Heart Earrings
9/23/2011 Long and Short Reviews Spotlight
                      Excerpt: Adrostos
                      Prize: THE CENTURION &
                                  THE QUEEN (Kindle or Nook)
9/26/2011 Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews
                      Prize: Gold & Diamond Earrings
9/27/2011 Sheila Deeth
                      Londinium: From the Ashes
                                  THE QUEEN (Kindle or Nook)

9/28/2011 Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess
                      Sex in Ancient Rome
                      Prize: Gladius Keyring
9/29/2011 Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews

                                  THE QUEEN (Kindle or Nook)

9/30/2011 Sugarbeat's Books
                      Prize: Nero Roman Coin Keyring
10/1/2011 Christine Young - Romance Writer
                      Article: The Pros (and Cons) of the
                      Prize: eBook of Centurion and Edge
10/3/2011 Realmantic Moments 
                      Excerpt: Jealousy
                      Prize: Large Gladiator Keyring
10/3/2011  Books N Kisses 
                      Excerpt: The Ultimatum
                      Prize: Large Gladiator Helmet Keyring
10/4/2011 Proud Book Nerd 
                      The Power of Music in Writing
                      Prize: Gladius Letter Opener
Grand Prizes: Kindle w/Three Centurion Series Books
                      Roman Tote filled with goodies
a historical romance
by Minnette Meador
Book III of the Centurion Series
RELEASE DATE: August 17, 2011
Resplendence Publishing

Prince Thane is the last surviving royalty of the Trinovantes Tribe in Roman Britannia, having surrendered to the Romans to save his two young daughters, whose identities he sacrifices his freedom to protect. He is condemned by Nero himself to become a gladiator, to fight until he dies in the arena. When his two daughters are taken in a slaver's raid, Thane escapes to find them. 

Phaedra holds a terrible secret that would mean the death of her younger brother. Her only hope is to force the gladiator to protect them as they flee to Rome. He reluctantly agrees. Little does he know that the beautiful Syrian woman holds not only the key to his passion, but a secret that triggers a disaster that ignites the world. Will this spoiled willful girl betray him in the end or sacrifice herself to save them all? 


…Where the man had come from, she had no idea. He stank of sweat, stale fish oil, and rancid food, towering a good two heads above her. She had to twist her neck back all the way just to see his face. The sweat and dirt from his arms left black streaks on her white tunic and cloak.

“Excuse me,” she squeaked, hoping it would be a polite way of extricating herself. 

Fear gripped her when instead of loosening his arms the man opened a dark smile and pulled her closer to his naked chest. Bending his face down to leer into her eyes, he squeezed the breath from her so she could not scream. 

Panic rang in her ears when the man scanned her face, his eyes beaming as if she were a hunk of lamb. The more she struggled the tighter his embrace became until blackness tinged the periphery of her vision. She could not take in any air.

Lo que es una belleza!” he murmured, running his tongue against his rotten upper teeth. “Voy a hacer tus sueños realidad!” 

Phaedra did not know what he was saying, though she thought it might be Spanish. The world began to spin. 

She managed to get her face turned away from him and only then noticed the gate where she had been standing was wide open and the other gladiators were congregating around them, peals of laughter rising like a storm as they approached.

A blur rushed through the crowd knocking many aside that finally landed on the giant’s neck. The vision of Bahar materialized as he pulled his arm tight around the man’s throat. He seemed no larger than a child next to the massive Spaniard.

When the gladiator let Phaedra go, she fell backwards and landed square on her rear in a messy puddle of runny sand to the men’s hoots. In a blinding fast move, the Spaniard pulled Bahar from his neck and clutched the boy’s shoulders in both hands in front of him. He began to squeeze. 

Phaedra leapt to her feet and smashed her tiny fists against the massive arm muscles of the monster. Two gladiators pulled her out of harm’s way. She tried to kick them, but they held her tight. All she could do was watch in horror.

Bahar managed to get a sandal buried in the giant’s gonads. The man dropped the boy and fell to his knees with a high-pitched squeal. What Bahar lacked in size, he made up in agility for he sidestepped a grab by the gladiator, whirled around with this right foot, and smashed it solidly against the man’s left eye. A ferocious growl made the ground shake as the man went down onto one arm. 

The other gladiators howled in delight, one slapping Bahar’s shoulder hard enough to send him flying sideways where he landed in an immense pair of hands.

“Intentio!” Thane snarled.

To Phaedra’s surprise, every man froze at attention. The only sound was the mewing of the gladiator who Bahar had bested and Phaedra’s complaint as she pulled her shoulders out of the grip of the two gladiators. 

Shaking with anger and fear. Phaedra brushed the dirt from her tunic with both hands, and fought the tears trying to escape.

“How dare you!” she sputtered to no one in particular. “You will all be whipped, I swear to you…” When she threw her chin up, Thane’s eyes caught hers, and the words trembled in her mouth and died.

His angry blue gaze cut her to the spine, turning her knees to water and squeezing the breath from her chest. “I…I did not mean…” He stood no more than a foot from her, his teeth clinched. Bahar appeared at Phaedra’s side, grabbing her elbow. 

“You have no right to be here,” Thane said to Phaedra. His thick accent trickled down her vertebrae like ice water. “Take your sister home,” he hissed to Bahar. “Your father need not hear of this. Then you will…”

Without warning, the giant gladiator on the ground hauled himself up with a rumbling foreign curse and jumped at Thane. 

It happened so quickly. Phaedra could have sworn the Brit had not even moved. He caught the broader man by both wrists, twisted hard, pulling one in front of the other, and then spun him around until the man faced away from him, his arms crossed. In an audible crunch, the Spaniard spasmed once and then went completely still. His eyes closed, and his head fell onto his chest. Without taking his eyes off her, Thane released his grip on the gladiator, and the giant slumped into the sand.

The others quickly gathered their companion and pulled him into the shadow of the outlining building, obviously knowing not to question the Brit.

“Abano is new,” he said quietly. “He did not know better, mistress, but he will be flogged for his mistake. It is a pity the high born are not likely punished for theirs.” A spark of humor flashed in his eyes, and for an instant, Phaedra thought he was laughing at her. “Take her home, Bahar. When she is where she should be, return, and we will finish your lesson.” 

“Yes, Doctores.”

Thane turned and crossed the sand to where two wooden swords lay and picked them up in one hand. Without turning back, he strode into the shadows of another building.

“You are an idiot, big sister,” Bahar whispered as he pulled Phaedra from the arena. 

Her face was ablaze in a raging storm of emotions: humiliation, fear, anger and one or two others she could not fathom. Trembling erupted in her breasts, her thighs, her ears, leaving her shocked and confused. 

There was no denying what that man had done to her in those few words; he had loosened her hold on the wild beast that lay just underneath the haughty cool exterior she had spent a lifetime establishing. Phaedra felt soiled to the center of her core… and it thrilled her. Pins of pleasure triggered a surprising need. The reaction horrified her.

Biting down her body’s betrayal by sinking teeth into her bottom lip, she glared after him. She had never hated anyone more than the arrogant Briton slave and swore he would pay for his insolence.

Minnette Meador
World Weaver...

Coming in 2011...
A Ghost of a Chance - Paranormal Romantic Comedy - June 2011
The Gladiator Prince - Historical Romance - August 2011
The Bell Stalker - Urban Fantasy Thriller - October 2011


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